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December 31, 2018

Oregon Ductless Heroes

As we have learned from previous Blogs a ductless system is the combination AC And Heat pump that is located in each room separately rather than having a series of ductwork throughout your home. If you have a mini-split Ductless system this means that you have more than one ductless unit in your home. This allows you to control each room differently rather than the traditional central heating doing the same temperature in the whole home. Now that you have your convenient ductless system installed you want to make sure that you take great care of it so you can get the most out of your investment. Here are some way that will help you get more out of your ductless system.


First and foremost the best thing you can do is to make sure when you get your ductless unit that it is installed properly. We highly advise that you have your system installed by a reputable professional. Always make sure to read reviews and look up qualifications when you are having a professional do work on your home. Small mistakes can make a huge difference with a ductless unit, which is why an experienced professional who has a great understanding and specializes in ductless units is advisable.  If the installation is not done properly then your unit might not work very well or it could fail quickly. No one wants that. When you are making such a great investment, don’t skimp on installation.

Keep your Filters Clean

One great thing about ductless system is that they are known to be great with air quality. Ductless systems create a cleaner breathing environment in your home due to the multi-stage filtration that they have. This filtration system will greatly reduce the amount of unwanted pollutants in your home! This being said, it is important to remember to change your filters regularly. The great thing about ductless systems is that their filters are permanent filters, this means you take them out, clean them and put them back. You don’t have to keep buying and throwing away filters like in other types of units. You should make sure to do this every four weeks and if you have extra pollutants like fire places, or lots of people or pets in the home you may want to consider doing this more often. Keeping your Filters clean will help keep your breathing air nice and fresh and put less strain on your system.

Protect Your Outdoor Unit

It is important to protect the outdoor part of your ductless system. Because the system draws in air from around it you want to make sure nothing is around it or on top of in. during fall and winter this is most important. During fall there are a lot of wet leaves on the ground, you don’t want your compressors trying to suck up wet leaves or pine needles. If you live in a climate that snows often you want to make sure that your unit is covered and don’t allow snow to build up around your unit. This will make your outdoor unit have to work much harder to warm your home and will end up costing you more money on energy bills.


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