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If you have recently installed a Daikin ductless heat pump, it may qualify for warranty-covered repairs if it breaks down. Warranty-covered repairs can include things like your blower motor, fan, small components, etc. The coverage of your warranty will ultimately depend on the brand of ductless pump you have and the age of that pump, but it is always a good idea to look into the coverage before you pay out-of-pocket for expenses. More importantly, you should not attempt to repair your heat pump yourself or call in just any contractor for a repair. Doing so may risk voiding the warranty entirely.

Why Contact Oregon Ductless Heroes?

When your ductless heat pump in Oregon stops working, it will often be when you need it the most. Do not risk your comfort or your home’s safety; instead, contact our local company.
By calling our team of repair specialists, you can take advantage of numerous benefits that include:

Warranty preservation –If your ductless heat pump is still covered by warranty, you can preserve it by calling in our team for repair. We are an Energy Trust Trade Ally Contractor and approved Salem Electric and Portland General Electric Contractor. We are also certified with most major brands of ductless heat pumps. If you read your warranty paperwork closely, you will see that non-certified companies and general handymen are not covered repair specialists. Using them or repairing the heat pump yourself will result in a warranty void; meaning expenses in the future are not covered by the heat pump’s manufacturer.

Access to manufacturer-approved components – It is always best to use original equipment manufacturer components when repairing a heat pump. This ensures maximum efficiency but also preserves your warranty. Oregon Ductless Heroes has access to all manufacturer-approved replacement parts and components.

Savings–The cost to repair your own ductless heat pump is often more than you realize. You have to not only purchase the right tools but also the right parts, which come at a higher retail price for consumers than repair specialists. If you unintentionally damage the unit, you will also face higher repair costs.

Contact Us for Expert Ductless Heat Pump Repair

When your ductless heat pump stops working and you have warranty coverage, contact Oregon Ductless Heroes. Our expert technicians can help you repair all major brands and models of heat pumps, including Daikin.
To find out what warranty coverage is available for your unit, call us at (503) 755-5332. You may also contact us online to learn more about our products.

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