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If you are looking for a contractor to complete heating or cooling work in your home, trust an Approved Portland General Electric (PGE) contractor to get the job done right. Alongside a network of suppliers across Portland, Oregon Ductless Heroes. is dedicated to providing fast, reliable and certified services to Portland and surrounding communities.
Whether you require new heat pumps, a single zone, multi-zone or entire home ductless work, we can help make your living space more comfortable and efficient year-round. Our team of experts are trained professionals, offering a variety of products and the high level of service expected from a PGE approved contractor. Oregon Ductless Heroes can help you with your ductless heat pumps and cooling solutions, with high quality materials and fast and friendly installation.

Why Hire a PGE Approved Contractor?

Portland General Electric is dedicated to saving homeowners and business owners time and money by choosing the most skilled professionals who are able to serve their large customer base. PGE and Oregon Ductless Heroes are committed to offering heating and cooling solutions that provide you with energy savings.
Choosing Oregon Ductless Heroes as your PGE approved contractor offers numerous benefits. You will:

Get helpful guidance choosing the right heating and cooling system for your home, with an emphasis on products that offer the highest energy efficiency ratings.

Have confidence that you will be receiving quality materials, with products from the leading heat pump manufacturers, including Daikin.

Receive the proper ductless unit for your home, taking into account size, calibration and reliable installation.

Take full advantage of tax and cash incentives available from the government at the state and federal levels, and from the manufacturer (if applicable).

Rely on trained technicians to install and maintain your ductless heat pump and cooling systems into the future.

Turn to a PGE Contractor for the Best Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Home or Office

Oregon Ductless Heroes adheres to the latest energy standards and requirements. We can help you outfit your home to be as efficient as possible in its heating and cooling system, allowing you to take advantage of cash incentives upfront and savings on your bills month after month, year after year. Investing in a high-efficiency ductless system from a knowledgeable, trusted and reputable company like Oregon Ductless Heroes will provide you with a comfortable and more efficient home that continues to pay you back over time.
Contact Oregon Ductless Heroes today at (503) 755-5332 to hire a (PGE) Portland General Electric Contractor. You can also contact us online to learn more about our products and services.

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