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Whether you are building a new addition or renovating your entire home, consider installing ductless systems to save time and money rebuilding your ductwork. As the name implies, ductless systems are standalone heating and cooling units that are usually mounted on the wall and connected to an outdoor condenser. Because it requires no ductwork, these systems are the perfect option for homeowners who need heating and air conditioning in separate rooms without the expense of having to install a new duct system.
Oregon Ductless Heroes is your trusted resource for everything ductless-related in Portland and the surrounding areas. With our wide selection of ductless heat pumps and air conditioners from industry-leading manufacturers, our expert technicians are ready to help you choose and install the best ductless system for your new addition or remodel.
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Why Go Ductless?

Although people assume that ductless systems are only for homes or rooms without a duct system, this could not be further from the truth. Ductless systems are also a smart choice for homeowners who are looking for ways to save on energy costs. In addition to being among the most efficient heating and cooling units on the market today, ductless systems can lower your energy costs further by allowing to turn off the unit in rooms that are not being used.
Other benefits of ductless systems include:

Financing Options Available

With over 21 years of industry experience, Oregon Ductless Heroes understands the importance of having high-performing, energy-efficient, and reliable heating and cooling without draining your wallet. This is why we offer flexible financing options through reputable third-party financial service companies such as Wells Fargo. Get the ductless heat pump you need today while you pay over time. Our company is committed to making sure you achieve the total home comfort you deserve.
Call Oregon Ductless Heroes at (503) 755-5332 to learn more about our financing options for ductless systems in Oregon or to schedule an in-home consultation with our team.

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