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Low Temp Ductless Systems in Oregon

Quality Heating Solution for Extremely Cold Winters

Unlike furnaces that create or generate heat from a combustion chamber, ductless heat pumps work by transferring the warm air from the outside to the inside. Although such heating capacity is enough, especially in areas with mild winters like Oregon, most heat pumps stop working when the temperatures suddenly drop below -25°F to -15°F.
Fortunately, Oregon Ductless Heroes offers low temp ductless systems. Designed to provide reliable heating even during the coldest climates, low temp ductless systems include a large heat exchanger and a high-capacity compressor for maximum performance.
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What Are the Top Features of Low Temp Ductless Systems?

Because common heat pumps rely on the warm air outside to keep your home cozy, they become inefficient during severe weather conditions. Some do not even operate once temperatures drop to -30°F. This is also one of the main reasons why many homeowners think twice about getting a heat pump despite its energy efficiency.
Thanks to low temp ductless or cold-weather heat pumps, however, homeowners like you can now have a highly efficient heat pump without worrying about it shutting down when you need it most.
How are low temp ductless systems different from regular heat pumps? Features include:

High-Performance Systems from Trusted Brands

Oregon Ductless Heroes proudly offers a wide selection of low temp ductless systems from trusted manufacturers including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and LG. Paying close attention to your specific needs and budget, our trained technicians can guide you toward the best model of cold-weather heat pump for your home. We then provide expert installation to ensure your low temp ductless operates optimally for years to come.
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