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How Long Can a Daikin Mini-Split Last?

May 11, 2023

Oregon Ductless Heroes


A heat pump can last 15 to 20 years. It is generally more durable than a central air conditioning system. However, the quality of the equipment also impacts longevity. Daikin is often regarded as one of the highest-quality mini-split brands. From design to production to aftermarket service, it focuses on quality control. Therefore, you can expect your Daikin mini-split to last up to two decades with proper care.

Why Do Mini-Splits Last Longer Than Central ACs?

A mini-split heat pump does not rely on ductwork to cool your home. Air ducts tend to get dirty and wear out. An AC is only as good as the condition of its ductwork, but a mini-split eliminates this variable.

A single heat pump can feed multiple indoor units. You can turn each unit on or off as you desire. If a room isn’t being used and doesn’t require temperature control, shutting a unit off won’t affect system pressure or airflow. In addition, variable-speed operation lets the system adjust output. It also helps reduce wear on components.

What Makes Daikin Mini-Splits So Popular?

Many Daikin systems average over 20 years of useful life.¹ The manufacturer is also known for its generous warranties. It includes a seven-year compressor warranty and a five-year parts warranty on many products. Meanwhile, the Warranty Plus program covers compressors for up to 10 years and parts for up to seven years. Optional extended warranties are also available, depending on the product.

Other attributes also help Daikin equipment last longer than other brands, including:

  • Daikin-Brand Compressors: Daikin manufactures its own compressors and integrates them into its equipment. These use inverter technology that allows heat pumps and ACs to adapt to demand.
  • Reverse Design-to-Cool Motor Windings: Compressor motor windings with discharge gas instead of suction enable more consistent temperatures. The design also reduces thermal shock and friction.
  • PE Fin Coil Coating: A specialized coating protects the outdoor coil from corrosion. It also reduces friction to improve water drainage and defrost capability.

How to Make a Heat Pump Last

Choosing a high-quality system is just the first step to having a mini-split that lasts. But like any HVAC system, its lifespan will be shortened if you neglect routine maintenance. 

To maintain the indoor unit, clean or change the air filter regularly. Also, clean and dust the exterior cabinet. The outdoor unit should be kept clear of leaves and debris, which can build up around it, restrict airflow, and cause the unit to overheat. To rinse off the outdoor coil, use a garden hose on a gentle pressure setting; avoid using high-pressure nozzles or power washers.

Using the system efficiently can also increase its lifespan. Mini-splits are already energy efficient. You can increase efficiency even further by switching off a unit or turning back the heating or cooling setting when a room is unoccupied. Setting the fan to “Auto” mode enables the system to adjust speed based on ambient conditions. And when the system is in cooling mode, close blinds and shades to block the sun and take other measures to reduce heat gain.

However, professional service is one of the most effective ways to increase a mini-split’s life expectancy. Annual tune-ups and inspections allow professionals to find and fix minor issues, thoroughly clean the unit, and improve efficiency.

Contact Oregon Ductless for Mini-Split Services

We provide mini-split installation, maintenance, and repair in the Portland area. A Daikin 3D Dealer, we specialize in zoned heating and cooling services and provide access to a 12-year warranty on the compressor and parts for select products. Whether you need to replace your Daikin mini-split or are considering switching to one, Oregon Ductless Heroes can help. Learn more about ductless heat pumps or call (503) 832-4161 to request an appointment.


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