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Signs You Need Multi-Zone Ductless Cooling Repair

May 4, 2023

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Homeowners throughout Oregon rely on multi-zone ductless air conditioners. Ductless units are effective at keeping your home at a constant, comfortable temperature no matter how hot it is outside. But there are a few reasons a mini-split may not provide cool air. How do you know you need multi-zone ductless cooling repair? We’ll explain what to look for and when to call for help.

The Mini-Split Doesn’t Blow Cold Air

If an indoor unit isn’t blowing cool air in a room, first check the thermostat setting. It must be set to “Cool” for your mini-split to blow cool air and the temperature setting must be lower than the actual air temperature inside. A clogged air filter can also prevent the unit from cooling the room.

But if changing the filter or resetting the temperature doesn’t solve the issue, the reason may be a dirty condenser coil. Dust, other tiny particles, and mold or bacteria buildup can prevent the coil from drawing heat from the air. A refrigerant leak can also prevent the system from transferring heat. Both of these issues require a technician for multi-zone ductless cooling repair before more serious and expensive problems occur.

The Unit Won’t Turn On

If the mini-split won’t turn on, change the batteries in the remote. A new set of batteries is often the solution to an air conditioner problem. Otherwise, check for a clogged filter, loose plug, or tripped circuit breaker, but call for help if you can’t find a solution. An electrical issue, coolant leak, or drainage issue may be the cause. And if none of your indoor units are working, the source of the problem may be in the outdoor condenser unit.

Water Leak

Moisture condenses in a ductless system and drains through a pipe near the outdoor unit. Regular maintenance can prevent the pipe from clogging up. But rust, corrosion, and blockages can prevent moisture from draining out of the pipe.

Call for help if you don’t see water draining out of the line or moisture pools up near or under an indoor mini-split unit.

The Air In the Room Is Humid

A mini-split dehumidifies the air as a traditional AC does. If it’s more humid than usual, mold may be clogging the condensate line. An oversized system will be unable to dehumidify the air because it will cool the room too quickly and then shut off. Call a technician to inspect the system and determine whether it’s the right size for the space it’s intended for.

Multi-Zone Ductless Noise

Quiet operation is a notable trait of ductless air conditioners. The only sounds you should hear are a click when the unit turns on and the soft whir of the fan. You may also hear an occasional pop or click as the plastic housing expands or contracts or a crackling, swooshing, or gurgling sound if it goes into defrost mode.

If you hear banging, hissing, grinding, or other unusual sounds, call for repairs right away. Also, call a technician if the unit repeatedly switches into defrost mode. It can mean a sensor has malfunctioned or the system is low on refrigerant.

Unusual Odors

There should never be any odors from a zoned ductless unit. If there’s anything other than fresh air blowing, call for help. Signs of trouble include a musty or sour smell, which can be a sign of mold in the drain line. If the air blowing from the unit smells like vinegar, a refrigerant leak is likely. The odor may have a hint of sweetness to it. But if your mini-split smells like fish, there could be a leak or electrical malfunction.

Call Oregon Ductless for Multi-Zone Ductless Cooling Repair

If you suspect you need ductless heat pump repair, our licensed HVAC technicians can help. Don’t attempt to fix the system yourself. Modern ACs and heat pumps are quite complex. You could end up causing more damage or not properly addressing a hidden problem. Trained in the proper skills, tools, and safety measures, our team will do what it takes to get your ductless unit running again.

We can be reached 24/7. To request a multi-zone ductless cooling repair in Oregon, call (503) 755-5332 today.


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