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The Most Common Types of Mini-Split Repair

April 21, 2023

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Mini-split AC units are quiet, efficient, and reliable. They don’t often require repairs and don’t develop issues related to ductwork. However, a ductless mini-split may need to be repaired after several years in service. If you’re considering a mini-split or recently installed one, here are some types of mini-split repair you may encounter.

An Indoor Air Handler Stops Working

A wall-mounted air handler can fail for many reasons. There may be a faulty component or the unit was improperly installed. But if one unit fails, other air handlers will still work. The problem may prevent just one room from being cooled or heated. Fortunately, a technician can service each unit individually and get it working again.

Dirt in a Coil or Blower

A dirty or dusty internal component may be hard to reach. A technician has the equipment and tools to clean out the unit. Buildup can inhibit heat transfer and cause all sorts of problems. Therefore, it’s important to have your mini-split cleaned thoroughly. And make sure the air filter is changed regularly to avoid airflow, comfort, and efficiency issues.

Refrigerant Leak

A loss of refrigerant will impact heating and cooling performance. It can also cause the compressor to break down. A ductless mini-split is more prone to a refrigerant leak because the coolant lines are exposed to the elements. Low refrigerant can cause issues such as a frozen coil or a loss of power to the air handlers. Call a repair professional if any of these occur.

Drain Line Blockage

Indoor mini-split units pull moisture from the air, which condenses and drains outside via the condensate line. But if the line becomes clogged, water can back up into your home. When the clog occurs deep in the line, a mini-split repair professional will have to clean it out. Call for help ASAP to avoid water damage. Leaks often start between the unit and the wall, allowing mold and mildew to grow or weakening the wall (which can cause the air handler to break free and fall).

Broken Drain Pan

If the drain pan is damaged, water can leak before it gets to the drain line. Drain pans can develop rust that eventually causes holes to form. They can also crack. Any moisture that collects in a broken pan can trigger water damage. Usually, the only resolution is to have the damaged drain pan replaced by a professional.

Clogged Filter

Check the air filter every two weeks to a month to make sure it’s clean and free of clogs. A clogged filter can cause restricted airflow, dirt to build up on the coils, and frost and ice to form on them. Melting ice can cause a leak. A technician should troubleshoot any of these issues. If they find a clogged filter, the solution may be as simple as cleaning or replacing it.

Why Call a Professional for Mini-Split Repair

Licensed HVAC technicians know where to look for dirt and how to clean the system. They also employ electronic equipment to find leaks. If necessary, they can flush the drain line and check for issues such as faulty control boards. Professionals also check the system’s electrical wiring and contacts for issues. They can check for installation issues as well and make any adjustments needed.

Schedule Mini-Split Repair with Oregon Ductless

Our experienced repair technicians address all types of issues for customers in the Portland area. Same-day and emergency services are available. Equipped with the right skills and tools and following all relevant safety measures, our team ensures your mini-split is fully repaired and future issues are prevented. No job is too big or too small. When you need mini-split repair, call Oregon Ductless at (503) 832-5497.


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