Duel Fuel Heating

Maximize Efficiency with Dual Fuel Heating Systems

Save money on energy bills with a duel fuel heating system for your residential or commercial property. Growing concerns about energy consumption led to the development of this technologically-advanced HVAC solution that automatically switches to the more efficient source of heat. Advantages include:

  • A single unit to heat and cool your home
  • Significantly lower energy bills
  • Greater comfort
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint

What is a Duel Fuel Heating System?

Also known as the hybrid heating system, it is comprised of an electric heat pump and a high-efficiency gas or oil furnace. The heat pump provides heat when temperatures are between 40˚F and 60˚F and the furnace takes over when it gets colder. Switching from one heating fuel to another ensures efficient performance. Also, with moderate winter temperatures in Oregon typically falling within the heat pump peak efficiency range, home owners enjoy greater energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Having a heat pump also eliminates the need for an air conditioner. Since it performs both heating and cooling functions, you can save on the cost of installing and maintaining two separate systems.

Ask our heating experts at Oregon Ductless whether a duel fuel system is right for your home or business premises. We are always willing to answer your questions and will help you select the right ductless heat pump for your needs and budget.

Expert Installation of Your Dual Fuel Heating System by a Trusted HVAC Company

For over 20 years, home and business owners in the Portland area have relied on Oregon Ductless for all their heating and cooling needs. Our Daikin 3D Dealer certification which requires extensive training, serves as a mark of excellence and assures customers of our service quality. Our manufacturer-trained technicians ensure proper fit and correct installation to optimize the performance of your HVAC system. Count on us for the latest Daikin duel fuel heating systems which deliver measurable savings on your energy bills for years to come and pay for themselves in a short span of time.

We also provide expert heat pump repair to restore comfortable indoor temperatures and keep your energy bills in check. With our preventative maintenance service, you can avoid major repair and early replacement expenses.

Call Oregon Ductless at 503-303-5353 or contact us online for high-efficiency duel fuel heating systems for your home in Portland, Oregon.

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Oh, my gosh! These guys are awesome. They do good work, use good products, and the incentives are great! We liked the first one so much, we got a second system in the second side of a duplex. I recommend them, and I’m picky about who touches my house.