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What options do I have for better air quality with a ductless heat pump?

November 27, 2019

Oregon Ductless Heroes

Many homeowners have dreams of a perfect garage, yet most of us do not use our garages the way we want to. Our workspace gets cluttered. We need to get rid of the TV for our “man cave” to add additional storage shelves. A lot of the time the reason this happens is that your garage isn’t functional for the entire year. Let us explain.

Whether you want to use your garage as a workspace or entertainment area, you’re less likely to want to spend time there during the winter months when the garage can get bitingly cold. Usually what ends up happening is your garage ends up being filled with junk and eventually almost unusable. So what can you do?

Install a Ductless Mini-Split

In winter here in Oregon, your garage can regularly reach temperatures in the 40’s. A heater can help with this, but you most likely don’t have ductwork to your garage and even if you did, that would be a lot to ask of your central heating to heat your garage. One elegant solution to this is installing a ductless mini-split.

There is no need for ducts and with a single-zone unit. You’ll have a completely separate system that won’t tax what you currently have at all. Most conventional systems send heat throughout all of the ducts regardless of if you are using the space or not. The ductless system will be specifically for your garage and you can use it as often or infrequently as you wish.

Insulate Your Garage

It won’t do much good if you are heating a completely uninsulated area, so we recommend installing some minor insulation. If your garage door leaves gaps, you’ll want to insulate these areas with weatherstripping or caulking so your newly heated air doesn’t escape. You won’t need much, but it will go a long way towards the effectiveness of your ductless mini-split.

If you think you want to install a ductless mini-split in your garage or additional room, call us at Oregon Ductless Heroes at (503) 755-5332 or fill out an online contact form!

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