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Why is Electric-Powered Heating So Efficient in Oregon?

October 23, 2019

Oregon Ductless Heroes

Ductless mini-split heat pumps and other types of electrically powered heating are cost savers in almost every state, but especially so in Oregon and the rest of the Pacific Northwest. You may already know the reason. It’s our rivers! Oregon generates a lot of electricity from hydroelectric power, 35 million megawatt-hours every year according to estimates from the Energy Information Administration. All of that is completely renewable as well which means Oregon produces a lot of power without adding to fossil fuel consumption. So, why is that so much cheaper than other states?

Oregon vs. Other States

New York has completely different energy needs and consumption than Oregon. With so many people and businesses constricted in the relatively small area of New York City, their system has to cope with extremely high demand. While they can generate a lot of hydropower from Niagara Falls and other rivers, they need other non-renewable sources as well. Even then it cost money to transport that energy all the way across the state and into the tiny bottleneck of the city. Due to all this, New Yorkers can easily pay two or three times the amount of a typical Oregonian.

Well, What Makes a Mini-Split so Efficient in the First Place?

Great, electricity costs less in Oregon than in other states, but why is electrically powered heating efficient in the first place? A traditional gas or oil-powered furnace heats by burning its fuel and transferring the heat created to the air and then blowing it through your ductwork. A ductless mini-split warms your home using a heat pump system. This doesn’t actually generate heat in and of itself. Instead, the heat pump transfers heat from indoors to outdoors. This doesn’t take much energy and some models can reach 300% efficiency. Additionally, there is no way to lose heat from ductwork because you’re getting the warm air pumped directly into your room. This all translates into direct month to month savings for you and your family. Households that switch to mini-split heating have cut their heating bills in half! Additionally, you get the added benefit of running the system in reverse during the summer months to cool your home as well.

In Oregon, we have a great opportunity to take advantage of all the sustainable electricity we are generating through hydroelectric power. It makes our electric bills cheaper than the average state already and gives Oregonians an incentive to switch to a ductless mini-split system. If you have a furnace, you are burning fossil fuels and in some ways, burning your money. Mini-splits are the way to go for the environment and for your wallet.

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