Oregon Cash Incentives

Oregon Cash Incentives


Direct-Vent Gas Unit Heater

$100, 80% AFUE

Gas Furnace

Gas furnace incentive available for qualifying moderate-income homeowners—visit www.energytrust.org/savingswithinreach

Gas Boiler

$200, 88% AFUE or greater

Ductless Heat Pump

$800 per residence, for homes with electric resistance heat

Heat Pump

Upgrade from an electric furnace, baseboard, wall heater or ceiling heat:
$700, HSPF 9.5 or greater
$450, HSPF 9.0 or greater
Upgrade a heat pump or replace non-electric heat (examples include: oil, propane or wood):
$500, HSPF 9.5 or greater
$250, HSPF 9.0 or greater

Heat Pump Advanced Controls

$150, home must be heated primarily by an electric heat pump and electric forced-air furnace.

Performance Tested Comfort Systems® or CheckMe!® Heat Pump Test

$150 per test, new heat pump installations only

2015 Residential Energy Tax Credit Rates

Based on energy savings, ODOE applied the statutory tax credit rates in ORS 316.116. Unless stated otherwise, ODOE based incentives on $0.60 per first-year energy savings in kilowatt-hours, up to $1,500. Where appropriate, ODOE converted energy savings into kilowatt-hours (kWh).

The department has only listed the tax credit rates, not all the tax credit eligibility requirements for each device. To be eligible for a tax credit, the device must meet all the requirements described in: RETC Administrative Rules, ORS 469B.100 – 469B.118 and ORS 316.116.

Ductless heat pump (mini-split)

*Auxiliary means adding to a previously underconditioned space which has been converted to be part of the residential dwelling.

Type of Installation


Tax Credit


9.0 or greater


New Construction and

Existing Dwellings

9.0 – 9.9


10.0 – 11.9


12.0 or greater



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Oh, my gosh! These guys are awesome. They do good work, use good products, and the incentives are great! We liked the first one so much, we got a second system in the second side of a duplex. I recommend them, and I’m picky about who touches my house.