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Do I Need a Mini-Split Cleaning?

July 20, 2022

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Mini-split air conditioners are generally easy to maintain. But they require a different level of care than traditional systems. After all, each room is served by its own air handler. Mini-split cleaning is therefore all that much more important.

 Just how do you know when your mini-split needs to be cleaned? For one, every unit has a filter that needs regular cleaning, or else efficiency, system longevity, and your health can be impacted. Putting in the effort helps get the most out of your investment, which is typically higher than for other AC systems.

Do I need a Mini-Split Cleaning

Clean the Filters Every Two Weeks

Most mini-split manufacturers recommend cleaning the air filter every two weeks. However, that depends on how much you use the system. If you don’t run it as much, you can clean it once a month. The more you run it, the more quickly dirt will accumulate. The filter for every unit must be cleaned separately, so different units may require more or fewer filter cleanings depending on use.

Mini-Split Filter Cleaning 

Checking the filter is simple. Typically, you just need to shut off the unit and open the front panel of the indoor air handler. The panel should lift out easily (there should be a click and no force should be required to remove it). You can then access the filter and clean it as needed.

If a filter looks dusty, dirty, or clogged, gently remove it from its fitting. Take note of how it is positioned and attached, as it will need to be reinstalled the same way. Once the filter is out, there are a few ways you can clean it:

  • Wipe loose debris away with a soft cloth.
  • For light dust, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.
  • Wash the filter with warm water under the sink.

 While cleaning it, work carefully so as not to damage the filter. Water from the sink faucet or hose can be used to wash off dirt, but let the filter dry. It should never be reinserted while wet or damp. Once the filter is clean and dry, place it back in its original position and close the front panel. If your newer ductless mini split has an automatic filter cleaning function, refer to the owner’s manual on how to use it. 

During mini-split cleaning, be aware that most units have two air filters that need to be cleaned.

What If I Don’t Clean My Mini-Split Filters? 

If the filters aren’t clean or become clogged, the air conditioners will still run. Leaving them that way can make it harder for the units to pull in air. As a result, they’ll struggle to maintain the right temperature and your home may be less comfortable. The increased strain will also cause the units to burn more energy, increasing utility costs. Air quality may be affected as well if dirt from the filters gets circulated. Ultimately, the strain of clogged filters may reduce the system’s lifespan.

When Should I Schedule Professional Maintenance? 

Mini-split cleaning should keep your system in top shape, but don’t forget about regular maintenance. Besides clogged filters, there are other issues that crop up. By scheduling maintenance twice a year, a technician can spot developing problems with your indoor and outdoor units, and fix them. Tune-ups can correct minor issues and include replacing filters, lubricating moving parts, and making adjustments that allow your system to run smoothly and efficiently.

Oregon Ductless Can Help with Mini-Split Cleaning/Maintenance 

We provide all types of ductless system maintenance out of Milwaukie, OR. To improve air quality, we install Daikin ductless models that can have built-in purification systems, HEPA filters, ventilation, and humidity control. At Oregon Ductless, we strongly recommend filter cleaning and professional maintenance. To schedule your appointment, call 503-755-5332 today.


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