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7 Reasons to Replace Baseboard Heat

March 29, 2022

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Baseboard Heater

Households across the Northwest rely on baseboard heat. While it’s somewhat effective at keeping homes warm, there are other technologies that have baseboard heating beat on many fronts. Baseboard heaters are typically mounted along the base of walls; heat rises from the floor up. While they don’t require ductwork, are easy to install, and quiet, baseboard heaters can have high operating costs. There are many advantages to replacing them, including:

1. Cost Savings

Older systems tend to be inefficient, especially those that have been poorly maintained. Replacing them can essentially cut your energy bill in half during times of peak use. Ductless mini splits use sophisticated fans to distribute air more evenly; they sense cold spots as well and can direct warm air accordingly. They can therefore operate more efficiently.


2. Improved Thermostat Accuracy

If you use baseboard heat, the thermostats are at floor level, leading to inaccurate readings. The heater may not turn on when you’re chilly and may run when not needed. Replacing this outdated system allows you to benefit from using a thermostat with each individual heater, so it can more accurately gauge room temperature.


3. Safety

With baseboard heat, there is some risk of fire if the system is misused. Also, children or pets may be injured if they get too close and/or touch the unit directly. Most alternatives eliminate these issues as heating elements are out of the way and newer equipment is more efficient at generating heat and transferring it to the air.


4. No Need for a Humidifier

Dry air is a common issue with baseboard heating. A humidifier can counteract this problem, but can be costly to purchase and operate. Even in the humid Pacific Northwest, you may experience dry skin, but alternative forms of heating can also control humidity to keep it in a comfortable range.


5. Less Cleaning Required

Dust, dirt, and other irritants tend to collect around baseboard heating elements. This results in a loss of efficiency. To maintain the system so it runs optimally, you must regularly set aside time to clean it. Less time and effort are needed to clean other types of heating systems. If you’re noticing more dust around baseboard units, it may be time to consider a replacement.


6. Free Up Additional Space

Electric baseboard heaters are often installed along walls where you’d put chairs, couches, and other furnishings. Placing furniture in front of the heater blocks the heat, while flammable material can ignite if it overheats. With other options, you can place your furniture where you want and not have to worry about fire.


7. An Array of Options

There are much more efficient and convenient options than baseboard heat. If it’s time for a replacement, consider alternatives such as a ductless heat pump, which is compact, quiet, and can be zoned for individual rooms. Solar heat is another option, while high-efficiency furnaces use less fuel than older systems to reduce operating costs.

However, a heat pump is a good alternative because it moves heat from one place to another. This saves the energy needed to generate warm or cool air. Electric heat pumps require much less electricity for heating and high-efficiency models can provide dehumidification as well.


Contact Oregon Ductless for Baseboard Heat Alternatives

The team at Oregon Ductless specializes in baseboard heat replacement in Oregon. Switching to a ductless heat pump provides more affordable heating, energy efficiency incentives, and more effective heating and cooling. We specialize in single- and multi-zone as well as whole house system installation, maintenance, and repair. A Daikin 3D dealer and approved Portland General Electric contractor, we’re ready to assist with all your needs. Call 503-878-7339 today to schedule service.


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