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DIY Home Humidity Tips and Tricks

February 27, 2020

Oregon Ductless Heroes

There is so much that goes into how comfortable our home feels. Whether it’s soft carpet, a comfy couch, or even just a refreshing smell, we all know the things that make us feel at ease when we return from a long day at work. However, one aspect of comfort that homeowners ofter neglect is home humidity levels. Ideally, you want humidity level in your home to be between 30% and 40%. We’ll explain the ways you can alter humidity in your home without expensive fans and filters.

But Oregon Is Humid?

The humidity outdoors affects the levels indoors, but realize that your home is relatively sealed off from the outside world. If you are continually heating your home, the air will start to dry out. On the other hand, if your home is reaching over 50% humidity, you are at risk of mold growth. It’s really all about balance.

Release Some Steam

A great way to increase home humidity is by releasing steam into the air. Whether you do this by cooking pasta or cracking the door to let steam from your shower spread throughout your home, adding steam will increase the water vapor in the air. To dehumidify, make sure you are venting away from any steam you generate and, if possible, take shorter showers.

Plant Your Roots

Maintaining indoor plants can be a fun hobby and a great way to influence humidity levels. Generally, plants with broad leaves add more humidity to the air than say a cactus. Consider measuring your indoor humidity levels, so you know what your home needs. Dry indoor air can exacerbate allergies and affect your hydration. High humidity can cause mold growth. You can adjust those levels my implementing the habits we explain in this post in conjunction with your heating practices.

A ductless mini-split can offer greater control of humidity levels because they only heat and cool one room at a time. If you’re interested in learning more, give us at Oregon Ductless Heroes a call at (503) 755-5332 or fill out an online contact form!

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