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Oregon Ductless, Inc.: Your Energy Trust Trade Ally Efficiency Contractor

If your energy bills are on the rise, let Oregon Ductless, Inc. help you. As an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractor, our comfort systems experts can help you reduce energy costs and maximize efficiency for year-after-year savings.

Outdated heat pumps are often the cause of rising energy costs in your home. By replacing with a more energy-efficient unit, you can improve the efficiency and overall comfort of your home. Oregon Ductless, Inc. offers a variety of ductless heat pumps and cooling solutions that offer maximum performance and annual savings. Our team works with the leading heat pump manufacturers, including Daikin. Energy Trust of Oregon services customers in Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural & Cascade Natural Gas.

Why Use a Local Energy Trust Trade Ally Contractor?

The Energy Trust of Oregon has established a contractor program for homeowners and business owners that wish to maximize efficiency in their homes. These contractors are trusted and highly skilled, which means you can rely on their services and advice. As an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally, we can help you access cash incentives to make it easier to improve your home’s energy efficiency. We are working with Energy Trust of Oregon to help you reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your home.

By using Oregon Ductless, Inc. as your Energy Trust Trade Ally Contractor, you can take advantage of numerous benefits, including:

  1. Finding the right heating and cooling products that offer the highest energy efficiency ratings possible.
  2. Ensuring you pick the right ductless unit for your home, including sizing, calibration and expert installation.
  3. Taking advantage of all tax and cash incentives available from the state, federal government and even the manufacturer (if applicable). Note: Energy Trust Trade Ally contractor can help you complete your cash incentive applications.
  4. Having Oregon Ductless technicians there to not only install, but help you maintain your ductless heat pump and cooling systems.

Turn to a Highly Trained Contractor for the Best Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Home or Office
To become an Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally Contractor, companies must receive and successfully complete the training program through the Energy Trust of Oregon. Oregon Ductless, Inc. is up-to-date on the latest energy standards and requirements. We have access to the latest cash incentives as well; including those for replacing your home’s existing baseboard heaters (when available). As an Energy Trust Trade Ally, you can rest assured you will receive the best products and services we can provide when you choose Oregon Ductless, Inc.

When you use Oregon Ductless, Inc., you can enjoy numerous heating and cooling products, including single-zone, multi-zone and whole house ductless systems.

Trade allies are independent businesses that are solely responsible for the quality of their work. Energy Trust does not guarantee any specific energy savings through its assistance or programs.

To receive a quote for a ductless heating or cooling system in your home, contact Oregon Ductless, Inc. today at 503-303-5353. Contact us online to learn more about our products.

Oregon Ductless offers the latest heating and cooling solutions backed by exceptional service.
Oh, my gosh! These guys are awesome. They do good work, use good products, and the incentives are great! We liked the first one so much, we got a second system in the second side of a duplex. I recommend them, and I’m picky about who touches my house.