Ductless System Maintenance

How Ductless System Maintenance Ensures Good Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe inside your home is brought in through your windows, doors, and your ductless heat pump. The quality of your air can determine plenty – from aggravating existing health conditions to manifesting new ones. If the quality of your home’s air is less than ideal, you could suffer from complications today and possibly for years later.

Ductless Systems Are Designed to Improve Air Quality

If your home is equipped with a ductless system, you have already taken a step in the right direction toward better air quality. Daikin models are equipped with clean air technology. These can include built-in purification systems, HEPA filters, humidity controls and ventilation. Other models may add these on as accessories.

Regardless of what is built-in or added on later, your system is only as efficient when it is properly maintained.

Recommended Ductless System Maintenance

Your manufacturer’s guide will spell out what recommended maintenance your unit may need. These are not suggestions; instead, they are required to maintain the efficiency of your unit as well as clean air. Also, failing to follow those guidelines could result in a voided manufacturer warranty.

Just some maintenance to-do’s you may need to perform in order to keep your indoor air quality at its best include:

  1. Cleaning – The air filters for your ductless heat pump need to be cleaned throughout the year. This optimizes the performance of your system and ensures that clean air is pushed into the house. Filters are the easiest item to maintain on your ductless system. How often you clean them will depend on the use, but plan on at least once a quarter to as frequently as once a month.
  2. Professional Maintenance – As with traditional HVAC systems, ductless systems also need routine tune-ups and maintenance by a professional. In fact, your manufacturer warranty may require that a certified HVAC specialist examine it. Have your ductless unit checked every one to three years (but refer to your system manual for recommendations).
  3. Repairs – If your ductless system appears to be performing at less than optimum levels, or it is making odd sounds, contact trained technicians to inspect it. Broken or compromised components can reduce air quality and the overall effectiveness of your ductless system.

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