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Signs You Need Ductless Heat Pump Repair

February 3, 2023

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A ductless heat pump is a reliable and efficient way to keep your home warm or cool. But like any type of HVAC system, it may eventually need to be repaired. The sooner you have an issue checked and fixed, the less likely it is to cause serious trouble at night, on a weekend, or during a family gathering. Here are signs you need ductless heat pump repair so you can call a repair company and avoid such situations.

Short Cycling

The system must complete a full heating or cooling cycle to reach the set temperature. Short cycling means the system is turning on and off every few minutes. It won’t be able to properly manage the temperature in your home. And aside from being uncomfortable, you might have to deal with more frequent repairs due to increased wear and tear. The system may be using more electricity as well.

High Energy Bills

A huge spike in your electric bill is often due to an HVAC issue. That’s not to say energy bills don’t go up and down with time. However, a huge increase might mean you need a repair. That’s because utility companies typically increase rates gradually. So, this is a good reason to call a ductless heat pump repair company.

The System Struggles to Defrost

You’ll hear the heat pump when it turns on and off or enters a defrost cycle. As it’s defrosting, you might even get colder air blowing in and see vapor rising from the unit. But defrost mode shouldn’t last more than 5 to 10 minutes and shouldn’t run very often. Call for help if it does or if the ice on the coil doesn’t melt.

The Coil Is Icy

It’s not uncommon for ice or frost to form on the outdoor coil when the unit is in heating mode. However, if thick ice forms, it can interfere with moving parts and prevent the system from working properly. Ice build-up can even restrict airflow. The cause should therefore be evaluated by a technician.

Low Airflow

Your ductless heat pump won’t work well if not enough air flows through it. The issue can be caused by ice buildup, dust, or foreign objects. Serious damage can occur unless the cause is fixed, so don’t hesitate to call a ductless heat pump repair professional.

Loud, Scary Noises

Ductless heat pumps are notoriously quiet. That’s why many people love them. But if your system starts making screeching, hissing, rattling, grinding, or buzzing sounds, that’s a sign of trouble and it’s time to call for ductless heat pump repair.

Cold Air in Heating Mode

A heat pump is unique in that it can provide heating and cooling. But it should not be cooling your house when it’s set to heating mode. There’s likely a mechanical problem that will only get worse unless it is fixed. Also, call for help when the “Aux Heat” indicator on the thermostat appears frequently or is constantly on.

The Unit Is Leaking

If a heat pump leaks, it’s not a concern if the amount of water is minute. But a clogged condensate drain can cause a large amount of water to collect. Water damage and/or a system breakdown can occur. A refrigerant leak is another possibility. It can do substantial damage; also, consider the health hazards of exposure to liquid or vapor refrigerant. In the case of a leak, call a contractor for emergency repairs.

Request Ductless Heat Pump Repair Today

Oregon Ductless provides same-day and 24-hour emergency repair services. If your system isn’t working properly, we’ll send out our repair technicians who can quickly identify and resolve the problem. They have the skills and tools to repair any make or model and virtually all leading brands. Every problem is fixed at its source to prevent any future issues. To schedule ductless repair services in your Oregon home, call 503-563-8201 today.


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