Expert Ductless Repair

Ductless Repair

Is your ductless heating or cooling system not working properly? Don’t ignore the problem. Get it fixed right away. Oregon Ductless repair technicians are experts and experienced on the job. We can quickly identify the problem as well as offer the right solution.

A malfunctioning mini-split air conditioner or multi-zone heat pump not only creates an uncomfortable indoor environment, it also uses more energy than necessary. Why pay for energy that is being wasted? One phone call is all it takes.

We will send an expert ductless heat pump repair technician to reinstate your system.

Call Oregon Ductless at 503-303-5353 for expert ductless AC and heat pump repair.

We serve customers in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego, Clackamas, Hillsboro, Milwaukie, Oregon City, Gresham, Sherwood, Tualatin, King City and the nearby areas of Oregon.

Common Ductless Heat Pump Repair Problems

Even the newest and most sophisticated ductless HVAC systems might occasionally face operational issues. Here are some of the common problems that Oregon homeowners might be faced with:

  • The ductless system is not starting up
  • Display shows it is working but it is not blowing hot/cold air
  • The ductless heat pump is making a funny sound
  • Your ductless air conditioner is dripping water
  • The indoor unit is emitting a funny smell, mist or steam
  • The air flow is weak
  • The fan is working but the unit is not cooling/heating sufficiently

Should You Attempt Ductless Heat Pump Repairs Yourself?

We would not recommend it because today’s high efficiency heat pumps and ACs are complex mechanisms that need professional attention. Attempting ductless repairs yourself could worsen the problem leading to hundreds of dollars in repairs or worse still, early replacement expenses.

Without the right skills, tools and safety measures, HVAC system repair can also be dangerous. Why risk your safety?

With Oregon Ductless, repair service is quick and affordable. We will have your system running like new again. We also offer routine air conditioner and heat pump maintenance services to keep your ductless systems running at optimal performance.

Contact Oregon Ductless for seamless repairs that will save energy and extend the lifespan of your heat pump or air conditioner.

Flawless Repairs of All Ductless Heat Pump Makes and Models

Oregon Ductless Repair Service for Your Peace of Mind

The team at Oregon Ductless has over 21 years of experience in heat pump and AC repair.
Wide-ranging knowledge of virtually all leading brands including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, etc. ensure a seamless job and your total satisfaction.

Our vans are well-stocked with the latest tools, parts and accessories to get the repair work done efficiently and correctly. We take the time to get to the source of the malfunction in order to prevent future operational issues.

From cleaning out a blocked filter to repairing a condenser, no job is too small, big or complicated for us.

Call 503-303-5353 for reliable ductless heat pump repair by Oregon Ductless.

Oregon Ductless offers the latest heating and cooling solutions backed by exceptional service.

Oh, my gosh! These guys are awesome. They do good work, use good products, and the incentives are great! We liked the first one so much, we got a second system in the second side of a duplex. I recommend them, and I’m picky about who touches my house.