Baseboard or Cadet Heat Replacement

Still Using Baseboard Or Cadet Heaters? Time to Consider an Alternative Solution

Baseboard and Cadet heaters used to be considered the most inexpensive, convenient way to heat your entire home. They circulate the air from below for more effective heating. While they are generally considered safe for grown-ups, they are not the safest for small children or pets. Even with baseboard heat covers, young children can suffer from severe burns and the unit is always warm to the touch – regardless if it is covered.

Portland General Electric is now recommending that all homeowners replace their baseboard and Cadet heating units. Not only is this for the safety of those in your home, but today, technological advancements have created more effective and efficient ways to heat your home. Ductless heat pumps, for example, are energy-efficient, affordable to install, and reduce the risks that traditional baseboard heaters carry.

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Advantages of Switching to Ductless Heat Pumps

While you may think that baseboard and Cadet heaters are still the most effective, cheap way to heat your home, there are definite advantages to removing those heating units and switching to a ductless heat pump. Some of these advantages include:

  • Affordable Heating – The cost of using a heat pump is half that of oil-burning units. A ductless heat pump also saves Oregon homeowners 25 to 50 percent on utility bills compared to traditional baseboard units.
  • Energy Incentives – Oregon residents have access to Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentives for installing a ductless heat pump instead of using their baseboard and Cadet heaters. As long as a variable speed compressor and high ARI is used, you can get these credits.
  • Double Duty – Ductless heat pumps do not just heat your indoor space; they cool it too. They are twice as efficient as traditional air conditioning units, which means you’ll save on heating and cooling year-round.
  • Safety – Ductless heat pumps remove the risk that baseboard and Cadet heaters carry. You do not have to worry about small children or pets gaining access to the heated coils.
  • Improved Air Quality – You can purchase heat pumps with air purification systems which will control humidity levels, clean the air and filtrate, all through a single unit.

While you may pay more to remove the old, wired baseboard and Cadet heaters and install a ductless heat pump, the savings over time and tax incentives will more than recover your cost.

Daikin: The Leader in Ductless Heat Pumps

Daikin products are revolutionary when it comes to ductless heat. Their heat pumps are energy-efficient, offer advanced air filtration, and even come wireless – so you can control the temperature from a single unit. The Daikin Emirates Series is best for baseboard and Cadet heat replacement because it is cost-effective, efficient, aerodynamic, and features a modern new look!

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