Select Daikin Ductless Systems for Efficient Attic Heating and Cooling

Are you thinking about converting your attic into a bedroom or office? Consider installing a ductless system for efficient attic heating and cooling. It offers a number of benefits over traditional HVAC(or heating and cooling) systems, including:

  • Easy installation in tight or small spaces
  • Greater flexibility with interior design
  • Quicker setup because no duct work is required
  • Low fan speeds for better humidity control
  • Zoned controls for higher energy savings

The big question during attic conversion is how to maintain comfortable temperatures while keeping your energy bills in check. With humidity being the big issue, keeping your guest bedroom or home office comfortably cool can be a challenge. Mini-splits have proven to be great at removing moisture from the air. The latest systems from Daikin have an added feature that allows you to set and control humidity levels.

Installation flexibility, lower operating costs, better indoor air quality and superior comfort of ductless systems has led to ductless heat pumps becoming increasingly popularity in Oregon. While mini splits have always been the first choice for attic conversions and room additions, today multi-splits and whole house ductless systems are also becoming popular in homes across Oregon.

Talk to us about your attic conversion project. At Oregon Ductless, we have a full range of Daikin heating and cooling ductless heat pumps to meet your needs and budget.

 Benefits of Daikin Attic Heating and Cooling Systems

If you are looking for an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your attic or whole house, then a Daikin ductless system is the ideal choice. Home and business owners that have chosen this trusted brand enjoy:

  • An extensive product lineup to meet unique requirements
  • Stylish solutions for all interior spaces and lifestyles
  • Superior performance and comfort
  • Greater efficiency and energy-savings at lower costs
  • An industry-best warranty available only at a 3D Daikin dealer like Oregon Ductless

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of homeowners convert to a high-efficiency ductless system. The sophisticated solutions we offer can be configured to the precise settings your home needs. Count on us for a Daikin ductless heat pump that closely matches your requirements.

Attic Heating and Cooling Services from a Trusted 3D Daikin Dealer

Oregon Ductless customers receive top quality systems and service. As a Daikin 3D Dealer, we have extensive training in the latest HVAC solutions and can advise you on the best system for your attic, home addition, house, condo or multi-family dwelling. Our technicians are manufacturer-trained and committed to getting the job done correctly. With expert sizing and installation, we optimize the efficiency of your Daikin ductless system.

Rely on our expert heat pump repair and preventative maintenance service to maximize the service life of your investment.

Call Oregon Ductless at 503-303-5353 or contact us online for high-efficiency attic heating and cooling solutions from Daikin.

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