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Smooth & Professional Service

Feb 22,2018 by Dev & Tom
Smooth and Professional Service. Oregon Ductless installed our system a few weeks ago. They were timely, professional and personable . We have been so pleased with every aspect of our experience from initial planning to flawless execution to follow-up. We HIGHLY recommend OREGON DUCTLESS.

Professional & Caring People

Jan 23,2018 by Barbara B.
Can't say enough about the procedure from start to finish! Aaron explained everything and a little more and the crew who installed were professional and caring people. What a pleasure to work with Oregon Ductless! Thank you!!

Exceptional Service, again

Jan 12,2018 by Peter S
Oregon Ductless installed a new heat pump at my cabin.  I cannot be more pleased with the quality of their work, and their professionalism and grace in making it perfect.  They really are the best choice in Portland for a ductless unit.

These guys are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Feb 14,2017 by Yvonne N.
We live in only what can only be described as a 600 square foot cabin. Imagine the horror upon opening a $300 electric bill for the month of January. Time to ditch the cadet heaters!

These guys are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. They know about the energy rebates and PGE specials. They use email. They return phone calls. The estimate that they give you is what it will cost...no surprises. 

On the big day, they showed up on time. Installation took less than a day. They had 2 installers and 1 electrician. 

Our total cost for installation and the unit was about 4K. There were some instant rebates that brought us down to 3K and after tax time next year, I will probably get back around $1500. My husband and I had researched what it would take to install this unit ourselves and found that the Daikin unit they use costs about $1500 by itself. 

As a bonus, they threw in a 12 year warranty. Nice to have a little peace of mind when you're spending this kind of cash.

We haven't seen our newest electricity bill, but I will update my review when I have that info. All I know is that my new split unit is quiet and the house is extremely comfortable on it's lowest settings. I know that I will be extremely happy to have air conditioning when things are miserable in August.

Excellent Customer Service!

Feb 01,2017 by Shelley V.
Excellent customer service from owner Aaron, rep Karl, and install team. Arrived on time, accurate estimates for project length and cost, and excellent communication. I have to work through a home owner's association, and Oregon Ductless was flexible when adjustments were needed to meet the HOA's requirements. When they encountered an unexpected impediment during install, owner Aaron came quickly and found a mutually agreeable workaround. I always felt like I knew my options. The price and rebates were much better than others I priced. Oregon Ductless helped with tax rebate paperwork and PGE rebates as well. Plus, my house is warmer this winter and no doubt will be more comfortable in the summer. Too soon to tell how much I am saving with this more efficient heat source.

These guys are awesome!

Jan 06,2017 by Julie Rossburg
Oh, my gosh!  These guys are awesome.  They do good work, use good products, and the incentives are great!  We liked the first one so much, we got a second system in the second side of a duplex.  I recommend them, and I'm picky about who touches my house.

They were professional and provided advice...

Jan 06,2017 by Anonymous
We added a ductless heating system to the home.

It went great. The team arrived on time, were considerate about moving equipment when I needed space to back the car out of the driveway. They were professional and provided advice and resources about how to use the system and fill out paperwork for energy tax credits.

These people are outstanding!

Jan 06,2017 by Rose G.
After having a Daikin Ductless Heat Pump system installed in May 2015, I found I loved the system but hated the installer and their methods.  They gave me incorrect and precious little info on operation, ignored calls, wouldn't give me copies of my warranty, and just gave rotten service in general, even though they were listed as PGE preferred providers, and I paid thousands for my system.  
Trying to find anyone who would service my units who did not install it for annual maintenance is a daunting task.  People just won't touch other peoples work.  Luckily I called Oregon Ductless and spoke to the owner, Aaron. I don't know if he just took pity on me or what, but he agreed to come to my home to do the maintenance.  Katie, his office manager called to reschedule because he was ill. One gold star there. Very considerate.  He later showed up as rescheduled, came in and explained how our system worked for us and how to maintain it properly. Second Gold Star.   He inspected the outdoor unit and saw some problems in the installation and made recommendations on how to fix them. Third Gold Star. He promised he would have Katie put me on a maintenance schedule, check my warranty registrations and check to see if he could match the materials the other guy used, and would send me my payment receipt by e-mail.  Next day, I got the copies of my warranties, I had been waiting 17 month for, Katie confirmed my next maintenance visit, and answered my questions. Fourth Gold Star.  Aaron also sent me a receipt for paid in full services rendered and his e-business card. If that kind of service doesn't rate 5 Gold Stars I don't know what does.  
The only thing I regret is that I didn't call Aaron to install my system in the first place and if I had to do it all over again I would certainly have done so.  These people are outstanding and I highly recommend them as a service provider.  Thanks Aaron and Katie.  Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship in the future.

I highly recommend this company.

Jan 06,2017 by Adam C.
Aaron and Kurt from Oregon Ductless were great. They were prompt with calls and emails. Their bid for installing a ductless system was competitive. Aaron will give an honest and professional opinion on the recommended work. I highly recommend this company.

Rebates and tax credits totaling $2K

Jan 06,2017 by Lisa T.
I needed a central air system after my HOA banned window units. I live in a 1,000 sq. ft. unit.

I got 5 quotes from highly reputable companies I found on Angie's List. They were all over $5K, most were around $6K. This seemed ridiculous to me as I just bough a deluxe window unit last year that cooled my entire 1,000 sq ft unit for $500.  

At a volunteer event I spoke with an energy auditor who recommended a ductless system. None of the companies I got quotes from had even mentioned ductless. 

Then a friend recommended Oregon Ductless as one of her clients had used them and loved them.

I got a quote of $4,600 but I would get rebates and tax credits totaling $2K so the actual cost was only $2,600 and my electric usage should drastically decrease saving me even more money. 

The unit works great for a/c, you can get it down right freezing of you want to. We will see this winter how it works for heat, but I was able to keep my electric furnace so I will always have that as a back up. (It is now winter and the unit work great for heat also thinking of getting rid if my electric furnace now to free up closet space)

I just got a notification that the first $800 rebate is on its way!!

Thank you Oregon Ductless for making a boring money sucking necessity less costly by almost half.

Best idea ever!

Jan 06,2017 by Sue C.
I contacted Oregon Ductless, spoke with owner Aaron McNally, and was so impressed that I asked him to meet with some fellow Condo owners. Eight of us signed up for installations. 
I waited til now to place a review because I wanted to be truthful about not only the outstanding service from Aaron and Dan, but the effect of the unit itself. I have had a level pay plan of $87 with PGE, Since installing unit in August, I have accrued enough credit to be currently paying $45 a month. I kid you not! My condo had Cadets, last winter my bill was over $130 for electric! Best idea ever! Thank you Aaron and Dan!

One of the BEST DECISIONS I've made!

Jan 06,2017 by Susan N.
I recently had Oregon Ductless install a new heating/air conditioning unit in my condo.  It was one of the BEST DECISIONS I've made since moving here.  The unit keeps my home at a consistent, comfortable temperature.  It's so quiet I can barely hear it.  It's economically efficient and environmentally appropriate.  All at a reasonable cost.  Aaron was FANTASTIC.  Prompt, professional, reliable, good natured and communicative.  I'm beyond pleased.  Thanks, Aaron!!!

This team is a class act.

Oct 19,2016 by Eric Danylieko
I needed to upgrade from a horribly inefficient furnace from the 70s. I called Oregon Ductless and Aaron was out within a couple days. Great person to work with. I had planned to put a unit in every room and he advised against it (overkill). I expected to have to finance this whole thing, but Aaron set up a system that I was able to afford, and the house heats evenly. The two gentlemen that put the system in were awesome as well.  They were prompt and courteous, and when I asked that the line sets be routed a certain way they were totally on board. The final product and workmanship looks fantastic, and I'm proud to recommend this team to others. It's also comforting to know I have a great HVAC company to call when I need servicing. Many thanks Oregon Ductless!

Daikin ductless heat pump

Sep 10,2015 by Bill S.
Hi Aaron,
        Good to talk to you last week.  Yes, I am very pleased with the Daikin ductless
heat pump you sold me last summer.   It has worked magnificently and with all the
rebates and tax incentives it was very affordable.    Plus my electric bill is around 40-50
percent less than last year's.     It works just as well summer or winter.    Thanks for
getting that unit to me.    

Best wishes,
Bill S.

3-zone mini-split system in condo

Sep 10,2015 by Peter S.
I recently had an install of a 3-zone mini-split system in our condo.  Working in the power industry, I already knew how efficient 
ductless systems were; I solicited bids from several local companies and Oregon Ductless offered the best equipment at a 
reasonable cost.  We now have a wonderful, extremely efficient and effective system installed.  The quality and professionalism 
is unsurpassed.  Aaron takes pride in his work, and I am confident that Oregon Ductless will grow to be the preferred HVAC 
company for ductless systems in Portland.

Peter S.

Condo's Baseboard Heating

Sep 10,2015 by Nina P.
Since 2004, I've "lived" with my condo's baseboard heating. Although, with vaulted ceilings, I'm pretty sure I was just heating my roof. 
I have about 10 feet of west facing windows. I love the light. But I would hide at other people's homes or be miserable for those few 
weeks in the summer, when it gets unbearably hot.

Then I went to an information session and learned about putting a ductless heat pump into my place. I had had one at work a few 
years ago and a client has one so I knew they were pretty  effective . I didn't know how to start the process and had procrastinated 
until I went to the information session, which was so clear & convincing that I scheduled my appointments right away.  Frankly I'm 
glad I did.  Aaron was incredibly honest, dedicated and knowledgeable. He knows the industry inside and out. He can talk about the
 products and how they work so that anyone can understand. Having started my own business a few years ago I really liked hearing 
his path to opening his own business. He's clearly passionate about the product and his work.

I didn't want a big sales pitch and I didn't get one. He made a very simple analogy, my baseboard heaters were a Mack truck and the 
ductless heat pump is a Prius. That's all I needed. We set up the install.

I could not be more pleased. I've had the chance to use the heat, AC, and fan modes. It's like magic and I love it!  I wholeheartedly 
recommend Oregon Ductless.

Schedule an appointment you won't regret it!

Nina P.

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