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What Does a Ductless AC Tune-Up Entail?

November 28, 2022

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Ductless AC systems provide efficient heating and cooling for homeowners throughout Oregon. But like other HVAC equipment, they require maintenance to stay in top condition. In addition to sticking to the terms of the warranty and prolonging system life, a ductless AC tune-up will ensure the system is as efficient as one would expect.

Is a Ductless AC Tune-Up Necessary?

Like its ducted counterparts, a ductless mini-split works hard day after day. This leads to wear and tear. Components can degrade due to friction or parts can become loose over time. Dust and debris can accumulate as well and interfere with system performance. These are a few reasons you need a tune-up. Contrary to popular belief, ductwork isn’t the only cause of HVAC issues; even ductless systems need regular maintenance.

How a Ductless AC Tune-Up Is Performed

Annual maintenance requirements for a ductless mini split aren’t that different from traditional air conditioning units. But since ductless systems provide heating and cooling, they need twice as much maintenance. Tune-ups are therefore done six months apart. 

You’ll need a tune-up before the heating season and one before the cooling season. This ensures your home is comfortable all year long. During their visit, a technician will complete the following tasks that a ductless AC tune-up entails:

  • Clean or replace the air handler’s filter and, if applicable, clean the indoor air quality filter.
  • Inspect the drain pan that can collect dirt, which will prevent condensation from draining.
  • Check the conduit line to ensure refrigerant flows uninhibited and condensate drains properly. 
  • Eliminate dust from the evaporator coil to prevent it from freezing, which can disrupt the cooling process and reduce efficiency.
  • Inspect all electrical connections and tighten or adjust any parts as needed.
  • Lubricate moving parts to reduce friction and wear and tear on the system.
  • Check and test the thermostat to ensure it’s providing accurate readings and proper control.

The outdoor condenser is included in a tune-up as well. It requires careful inspection because it is always exposed to the elements. When maintaining the condenser unit, a technician will:

  • Clean the fins and coils of anything that can block airflow, including plant debris, dirt, bugs, dust, etc.
  • Inspect the insulation covering the refrigerant lines; if it wears or starts to degrade, refrigerant can retain or release heat, decreasing system efficiency.
  • Check for mold or mildew growth and clean any organic matter present with a professional chemical treatment.
  • Clean electrical components that are prone to issues related to dirt and contamination.

Can I Maintain a Ductless AC System Myself?

Professional maintenance is strongly recommended. But you can do periodic maintenance to keep your indoor and outdoor units in good shape. A weekly dusting helps protect the interior of each unit. When working around the outdoor condenser, make sure there’s a few feet of clearance around it; cut back any bushes growing close by and sweep away dead leaves and debris. Meanwhile, cleaning or replacing filters is the easiest thing you can do to ensure your ductless system works properly.

Schedule a Ductless AC Tune-Up Today

Most ductless AC/heat pump manufacturers recommend professional maintenance and tune-ups. Failing to maintain your system can reduce performance, efficiency, and indoor air quality and void your warranty. But you can trust Oregon Ductless for high-quality maintenance and tune-ups for any model, including Daikin models with built-in air purification systems, HEPA filters, humidity controls, and ventilation. To schedule ductless maintenance in your Oregon home, call 503-563-7157 today.


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